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Our Promise

1. Provide good Service - We will try to provide the best service but we ask for patience while preparing our website. We will do our best to ensure that offensive content does not exist.

2. Protecting Personal Data - We will do our best to protect your personal data. Make sure you keep personal information from the profile section.

Our Rights

1. Delete offensive content - If we determine that a user has violated our policies, we may cancel their subscriptions on the website without warning. With serious guilt we can cancel the account and prevent re-registration without warning.

2. Keeping Content Clear - We have the right to make your contributions public online (including all content ie photos, videos, text, etc.). Remember that what you write will be clear. You can still request something to be deleted.

3. Rejection of Rewards - We have the right to refuse rewards (ie small airtime payments) if we suspect fraud. Otherwise we will do our best those who deserve to be rewarded will be given.

Terms of Service

1. Give Sincerely - Here we ask that your writing be as sincere and complete as possible. Also, do not pretend to be someone or a different organization.

2. Respect the Website - We have worked hard to prepare the site, so we ask that it not be damaged. Tell us if you find any problems on our website.

3. Follow the Relevant Law - Our website is available in many countries. Each country has its own rules regarding media, social media, copyright, and so on.You are responsible for all the information you post on the website.